The Nissan X-trail, being a completely new model only a few years ago, has many outstanding technical features. Presented here are some very interesting notes about some of those very features.

X-Trail Service Schedule Download a copy of the official Nissan X-Trail Service Schedule. (PDF Format)
4x4 Modes Learn more about the 4x4 modes of the x-trail. (PDF Format)
Wheel Sizes & RTA (NSW) Vehicle Standards RTA (NSW) Vehicle Standards Information Sheets.

Guidelines for changing the wheel sizes.  Suitable for anyone contemplating moving outside the Nissan standard wheels.

Wheels & Tyres Wheels and Tyres for the Nissan X-trail
Tyre Size Calculator A Tyre Size Calculator (RIMS-N-TIRES)
Tyre Comparitor The Tire Size Comparitor Ver. 1.5
Fuel Calculator A Fuel Calculator
Specs Detailed specs of the X-trail (PDF format)
Engineering Info The why and how, or what makes an X-trail tick (PDF format)
DIY & How To Quick Reference Post to DIY Guides & How To
T30 Micro-filter

T31 Micro-filter

T30 and T31 X-Trail Micro-filter Installation Guides


Towing Towing Information
Diff Breathers X-Trail Diff Breather Information
T30 50mm Lift Strut Spacers T30 Superior Engineering 50mm Strut Spacer
Lift Kit DIY Installation Guide
QR25DE A Tuner's Guide Inside the QR25DE
M9R T31 Turbo Diesel 2.0LT Engine & Specifications