X-trail Micro-filter Installation Guide
by Rich (basshead)

This guide describes the steps to fit a $40 micro-filter (Part No. B7200-A0025 ) to an X-trail to prevent the mouldy smell that occurs after you turn the A/C off and keep the fan pushing air through the cabin vents.



Empty glove box and remove the 2 clips at the bottom (on the inside).

Use a flat-head screwdriver as shown in Fig.1 to slide them towards the middle of the glove box.

You will need to tilt the glove box to one side to remove it - see glove box guides in Fig.2 & 3.

Put it in a safe place where it wont get scratched (back seat is a good spot).

We all know how durable X-trail trim panels are!

Figure 1

Figure 2


Figure 3


Remove the bottom section of dashboard on passengerís side as shown in Fig.4 & 5.

Notice the location of the three clips (left, centre and right).

This panel is quite flexible so it is easy enough to get your fingers in-between the panel and the bottom of the glove box panel.

The panel bottom comes out straight towards you.

Figure 4

Figure 5


Remove the 6 grey Philips-head screws which hold the glove box frame in place.

There are two on the top, two on the sides at the top, and two on the bottom near the ends.

See Fig.2 & 3. Do NOT remove the two brown screws holding the glove box latch in place!



There are clips on both sides of the glove box frame. See Fig.6 & 7 for their location.

The glove box frame comes out straight towards you - no tools are needed to get it out; just pull it carefully.

The panel may flex a little near the clips, but they arenít too tight.

Figure 6

Figure 7


You may have noticed the connector which is attached to the top of the glove box frame in Fig. 8 & 9.

I think this is for the SRS Airbag, so I wouldnít recommend disconnecting it!

You should be able to turn the glove box frame panel around so the right hand side is sitting on the floor close to the passengerís door as shown in Fig.10.

Alternatively, you can use pliers or long-nose pliers to remove the connector from the glove box frame panel by squeezing the white plastic clips in Fig.8.

Donít forget to put it back when youíve finished.

Figure 8

Figure 9


Fig.10 shows the big white blower motor.

There are two tabs on the bottom of the filter door which you pull out towards yourself to remove the door.

Fig.11 shows the filter door removed, with the slot for the filter to sit in.

For some reason (cost-cutting?) Nissan decided not to include one of these filters as standard.

Figure 10


Follow the instructions that come with the filter to install the self-adhesive foam.

Fig.11 & 12 show how to put the filter in and replace the filter door.

Figure 11

Figure 12


Put all the panels back on in reverse order.

More information can be obtained in this thread on the forum.