T30 X-Trail Bash Plate     Now in stock!! Order Yours Today!!    

Your very capable X-Trail in off-road conditions deserves the perfect type of protection! Donít rely on the plastic shields to protect your valuable investment and risk causing serious damage to the car. This steel bash plate will do what it is supposed to doÖ.absorb this type of bashes, leaving your X-Trail in a perfect condition when it comes time to sell your ride. Avoid costly repair bills and protect your pride and joy.


    • 2mm steel bash plate imported from overseas.
    • Total weight is only 10Kg, so it wonít impact your fuel economy when driving in the city with it and you donít have to take it off.
    • Easy installation with all hardware and fitting brackets provided.
    • It will not reduce your ground clearance.
    • It will not void your warranty.
    • Compatible with ALL T30 X-Trail models (starting from 2001) Auto and Manual.

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