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T31 Billet Grille Inserts
  • Stylish and awesome quality stainless steel front billet grilles for your 2010-2013 T31 X-Trail.
    The set includes 3 inserts to cover the front grille section, the middle bumper section and the lower section of the bumper, all of which have the radiator behind them. This billet grille set is only suitable for the new shape T31 X-Trail (Series 3, 4 and 5 models)
    A perfect protection as well as looks.


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    Digital Auto-Dimming Clip-On Mirror
  • Upgrade From Driver Seat to Cockpit In Seconds

  • Born of fighter aircraft technology, this Auto-Dimming Clip-on Mirror quickly transforms a factory rear-view mirror into precision instrument of vision protection.
    Intense light reflecting off a rear-view mirror can make driving at night unbearable. With the new Digital Auto-Dimming Mirror by Altadox, high-intensity headlights
    are automatically dimmed away to protect the driver’s vision—without taking a hand off the wheel. The mirror’s sensors adjust the tinting to the current lighting conditions, and improve vision in all weather. The clip-on design installs in seconds, yet it fits over standard factory mirrors snuggly—blending-in to give a
    factory-fitted appearance. This means it can also be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. The Altadox Clip-on has a 10.75” x 3” frame that increases the driver’s field of view.

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    T31 Front & Rear Bumper Styling Plates

    Stylish new addition to your X-Trail are these ABS fibreglass styling plates for the front and rear bumpers. Easy fitting process.

    Suitable only for the T31 X-Trails manufactured between 2007 to 2009 (Series 1 and 2)

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    T31 JAOS Head-Light Eyelids

    Add this unique accessory and stand-out in the crowd.

    A pair of awesome quality eyelids made of toughest fibreglass material and easily fitted over the top section of your head-lights. (can also be secured permanently in place).

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    T31 JAOS Tail Light Garnish

    Stylish garnish set for your X-Trail's tail lights.

    Made of fibreglass and can be painted to match your T31 Nissan X-Trail.


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    T31 Side Mirror Covers with LED Indicators

    Practical and stylish add-on for the T31 Nissan X-Trail.

    Each side mirror cover is made of durable plastic either in Chrome Finish or Colour-Coded to match your X-Trail.

    It also comes with integrated LED side indicator to increase visibility to other motorists when signalling.

    Now with a new style that is suitable for the new T31 Series 5 (2012-2013 models) specific. Email us for details.


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    K&N Performance Air Filter

    High flow air filter for your X-Trail (more airflow = more power)

    Long lasting and economical.

    Easy installation - designed to replace stock filter directly.

    Available for the Petrol and Diesel T31 X-Trail models from 2007 to current.

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    K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit
    A six-step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N Filtercharger® Air Filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your Filtercharger¨performs like new!
    Includes: 6.5 oz. Spray Oil, 12 oz. Filter Cleaner and Service Decal.

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    X-Trail T31 Rear Bumper Scuff Plate

    Protect the upper edge of the rear bumper against scratches while loading and unloading with this stylish rear bumper scuff plate.

    Genuine Nissan.

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