NOTE: This service is only available to Registered members of the Australian X-TRAIL Forum who have Full Membership. If you are an existing member of the forum and currently have Regular Membership, you can have your membership upgraded by selecting a Full Membership pack from HERE.

All members are encouraged to supply us some information about yourself and your X-Trail

We will create your own personalised page for you and add you to the members database


Info that you can provide:

1.     Forum Username (required)

2.     Real Name (optional)

3.     Location (preferred)

4.     Personal Homepage (optional)

5.     Blog (optional)

6.     Photos (preferred)

Example Profile Click Here

  • This is where you can provide a short description of you.


  • We prefer up to 5 photos, although will accept more.  We request a maximum of 10.

  • We can accept photos in most formats, although JPEG format is preferred.

  • Please be careful of the file size of your photos.  Most digital cameras these days can capture photos in very high Mega Pixel resolutions, which in turn have very large file sizes which can choke our email mailbox.  We suggest using the VGA or Email setting on your digital camera, (640 x 480).

  • Don't have any photo editing software?  You can download some FREE photo editing software from here:  VicMan Software  (VCW VicMan's Photo Editor 7.9 - FREEWARE).  The freeware version will not work with images larger than 1000 pixels in either height or width.  This is not a problem.  Any photo larger than this will be automatically resized to 1000 pixels when you press cancel from the warning message.

  • Please resize your photos to 640 pixels wide before emailing them.  Make sure that Constrain Proportions is ticked.  All other settings you can leave as defaulted.

  • We will modify all photos to 640 pixels wide, blank out your rego numbers, and reduce the file size by JPEG compression to under 100k in size before uploading to your profile.

Email your info to: Admin Team